The original car was a baby blue 1975
Volkswagen Beetle, purchased used for $125. The body
was removed, so only the VW's chassis (frame, motor, 
transmission & wheels) were used to build this art car. 
The body of The Phone Car was custom fabricated in the 
Boston area. The entire project took about 1 year to 
complete. The finished car was painted candy apple red 
to draw attention. This was also one of the standard 
colors offered when this phone was in common use.

Dave Huntress seen here, fabricated and welded the body
of the phone car. You can see more of the masters
work at http://www.tanksbytigman.com

  The Phone Car is modeled after a touch-tone desk
model seen in many offices & homes in the
1960-70's. The handset is bolted on, yet
removable for transport. The windshield is smoked
glass and the buttons are fixed to it.

  Unlike some art cars which are always-evolving, The
Phone Car is considered a finished piece of rolling
art. It's drivable, street-legal, and has a license
plate that reads "PHONES" (of course!). When the horn
is honked, it rings like a telephone. A few years
after this art car was built, a super hero costume was
created as a kind of tongue-in-cheek addition. Lo and
behold... Teleman was born! He doesn't have a lot of
super powers, but he certainly can fix telephones  

  Howard Davis (a.k.a.Teleman), has driven The Phone Car 
in many parades and celebrations always attracting lots 
of smiles and cheers. During parades many people call out 
to ask "Is there a phone in there?", so a cellular phone 
was installed in the car.

   A car phone in a phone car:

  The Phone Car has been featured in many newspapers,
magazines and on local, regional and national news.

  The Phone Car was displayed at the exhibition "WILD
WHEELS: Art for the Road" at the Petersen Automotive
Museum in Beverly Hills, CA
  This was one of the most talked-about exhibits at
the Petersen. The Phone Car had a special feature in
the classic tabloid Weekly World News.

  The Phone Car is featured in the book "Art Cars" by
Harrod Blank (2007, Blank Books)   

 Howard and The Phone Car are also featured in the
upcoming film "Automorphosis" by Harrod Blank,
scheduled for release in 2008.